Terms related to Search algorithms
Before we dive into types of search algorithms there are some basic terms that we need to know.
1.Search space: it is a set of all possible solutions that the user can have
2. Start space: it is the beginning point of the search to be carried out
3.Goal test: a function that checks the current state and returns whether the goal has been reached
4. Actions: It gives the description of all the available actions to the agent.
Transition model: A description of what each action do, can be represented as a transition model.
Path Cost: It is a function which assigns a numeric cost to each path.
Solution: It is an action sequence which leads from the start node to the goal node.
Optimal Solution: If a solution has the lowest cost among all solutions.
Types of Search Algorithms:
There are way too many search algorithms out there but in this article we shall have a look at basic fundamental search algorithms that are broadly divided into 2 categories: Uninformed and informed search algorithms.
The terms related to it, broad classification of the algorithms and had a close look at Uninformed search algorithms where the solver does not have any additional information apart from the ones given in problem statement.


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