7 Reasons Why React Native is the Best Mobile App Framework of 2021 | What is React Native | Why React Native is Better for Mobile App Development 2021

React Native acts as a bridge between platforms in the same way that you use JavaScript to build a user interface for browser use. The React Native framework itself uses Facebook’s JavaScript, but also JSX – an XML lookalike and coding language similar to HTML used to store and transport data based on rules and commands encoded into the document.

This bridge dictates the native rendering of the application programming interfaces for that particular platform, for example Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. This ensures that the application uses real mobile user interface components, instead of using web views that come across looking scrappy and unfinished when they load in.

This gives the app a more customized and polished feel, and allows the integration of phone features and functions like the camera or locations services – if you wanted to. This makes it stand out from other cross-platform development tools like Cordova or Ionic that utilise web views using combinations of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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00:00 - Intro
01:14 - What is React Native?
02:05 - Cross platform mobile app development
02:41 - React Native is the bridge
03:45 - The engine room
04:21 - Flexibility is key
05:15 - Fast reloads
05:38 - Getting across the finish line
06:13 - Concurrency
06:35 - Common skillsets
07:48 - The downsides of react native

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7 Reasons Why React Native is Better for Mobile App Development in 2021
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