Why need (Special?) packages for deployment

  • During development, it’s okay to have some interruption in server or server turned off unexpectedly because we can simply turn it back on. But, it’s different after deployment
  • During deployment, a problem in server causes a big trouble not only for User Experience but also for the entire app. Also, it’s possible that some malicious users find the weak spot and attack our deployed app
  • We need know & use packages for deployment as a very necessary action to maintain our app safely after deployment

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10 Most Useful Node.js Package for deployment

  1. cross-env
  2. retire
  3. Morgan
  4. express-session
  5. sequelize
  6. pm2
  7. winston
  8. helmet
  9. hpp
  10. connect-redis

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10 Most Useful Node.js Packages for Deployment
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