24 Awesome React Native Picker Libraries You Should Know

1. React Native Modal Picker

This is a cross-platform picker with search bar for react native support both platform IOs and android

"React Native Modal Picker"


  • Easy to use
  • Cross platform compatibility android and ios both
  • According to use hide and show search bar and title
  • Dynamically change dropdown image
  • Customize font size, font color and style
  • Change animation(Slide, fade, none)

2.React Native Emojipicker

"React Native Emojipicker"

react-native-emojipicker is a simple emoji picker component

3.React Native Picker Module

With this package you can easily use picker with onPress function. Also this package is workaround for Android Picker problem (https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/15556).

Using Modal and Picker component for IOS and using RecyclerView and AlertDialog for Android as NativeModule.

"React Native Picker Module"

4.React Native Minicalendar

Simple mini calendar or date picker for React Native

"React Native Minicalendar"

5.React native wheel picker

A simple Wheel Picker for Android (For IOs is using Picker from react-native)

"React native wheel picker"

6.React Native Datepicker Modal

React Native DatePicker Modal Component for iOS/Android

"React Native Datepicker Modal"

7.React Native Simple Modal Picker

Easy to use and fully customized modal picker for both iOS and Android. Have same look and feel in both plateform.

"React Native Simple Modal Picker"

8.React Native Smooth Picker

A React Native picker coded in TypeScript that used Flatlist component to easily display vertical or horizontal list.
The item in the middle of the list (per default) is selected. Work exactly like a Flatlist component with the additionnals props:

"React Native Smooth Picker"

9.React Native Document Picker

Document Picker for React Native using Document Providers

"React Native Document Picker"

10.React Native Full Image Picker

It is a react native UI component including a camera view and an album selection view. You can take photos, take video recording or select photo from photo library.

It supports:

Take photos by camera.
Video recording.
Select photos from photo library.
Safe area for iPhone X.
Portrait and Landscape mode.
Multiple selection or capture mode.
Preview after capture or video recording.
Maximum count of photos.

"React Native Full Image Picker"

11.React Native Woodpicker

Customisable picker and datePicker react-native components for Android and iOS.

"React Native Woodpicker"

12.React Native Item Select

Sometimes selecting items from dropdowns or checkboxes just don’t cut it. You may need a fancy grid item picker. May be this highly customizable List Grid item(s) picker for React Native is what you’re looking for.

"React Native Item Select"

13.React Native Image Picker Form

A React Native component factory to use with tcomb-form-native library. Currently using react-native-image-crop-picker to provide image selection.

"React Native Image Picker Form"

14.React Colorizer

A Color Picker Component for React and React Native. http://andcards.github.io/react-colorizer/

"React Colorizer"

15.React Native Modal Datetime Picker

A React-Native datetime-picker for Android and iOS This library exposes a cross-platform interface for showing the native date-picker and time-picker inside a modal, providing a unified user and developer experience.

"React Native Modal Datetime Picker"

16.M Date Picker

React Mobile DatePicker(web & react-native) http://react-component.github.io/m-date-picker/

"M Date Picker"

17.React Native Dropdown Picker

A single or multiple, searchable item picker (dropdown) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS.

"React Native Dropdown Picker"

18.Date time picker

React Native date & time picker component for iOS and Android

"Date time picker"

19.React Native Bubble Select

An easy-to-use customizable bubble animation picker, similar to the Apple Music genre selection

"React Native Bubble Select"


  • iOS & Android Support (In beta)
  • Typescript Support
  • Customizable

20.React Native Simple Date Picker

An idiot-proof date picker for React Native, backed by moment.js.

"React Native Simple Date Picker"

21.React Native Date Picker Light

Date picker for react native, light and does not use modals (will work on all platforms)

This is the first implementation of this date picker. The date picker is controlled by arrows, it sits on the screen, and does not use modals (For react native windows).

"React Native Date Picker Light"

22.React Native Lottie Files Picker

A React Native List that supports the selection of beautiful Lottie Animations sourced by Lottie Files.

"React Native Lottie Files Picker"

23.Rn Android Picker Dialog

dynamic android picker dialog for react native

"Rn Android Picker Dialog"

24.React Native Draggable Calendar

A calendar component supporting dragging operation.

"React Native Draggable Calendar"

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24 Awesome  React Native Picker Libraries You Should Know
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