Testing a subscription can be as challenging as developing it. In this article, we will go over the complete process of subscription testing.

Fist of all, to do any type of subscription testing, you need to create a sandbox tester account:

  1. Login to your iTunes Connect Account-> Users and Access -> Sandbox ->Testers to create new testers.
  2. In your device, go to Settings-> iTunes & App Store -> Log out the current account and DO NOT log in sandbox tester account here

Note: Don’t use your test user account to sign in to the production environment. If you do so, the sandbox account becomes invalid and it can no longer be used.

Types of Subscription Testing

1. Sandbox Testing

Sandbox testing can be categorized into two types, one is **developer sandbox **and the other is production sandbox_. _If you are running your app from Xcode, then the subscription testing runs on the developer sandbox. Whereas if you have distributed your app through testflight, then subscription testing runs on the production sandbox.

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Step by Step Guide for iOS Subscription Testing
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