The Fundamentals of Responsive Design Made Easy.  In this workshop, you learn the fundamentals of responsive design.  Mark will review the relevant responsive design HTML and CSS so that you can create media queries, responsive typography,  and responsive images.  This is a complete responsive design tutorial that will be valuable as you learn web development and design.


0:00 Introduction
1:26 Responsive Design Tools
2:28 Using Developer Mode in Blisk Browser
3:28 Creating a Device Set for Testing
5:06 Defining Responsive Design
6:00 Responsive Design Examples
8:40 Fluid Grids
10:46 Testing a Site
11:28 Mobile-First Design
12:00 Viewport Meta Tag
13:48 Responsive Images
15:17 Picture Tag
17:46 Responsive Typography
19:31 Media Queries
23:50 W3.css
25:00 Bootstrap

#web-development #bootstrap 

The Fundamentals of Responsive Design Made Easy
4.70 GEEK