Array related Comparison functions you must know in JavaScript 2021

I always used to prefer something like a newspaper which give enough information in a shorter span of time. Here, I create tips for day to day Frontend development.

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Here I am coming with a new article to cover some ways to sort an array based on the Property values. These tips can be a small stone in your river of JavaScript Coding interviews in 2021.

I know small stones doesn’t make much difference but if we get thousand of stones it will and for that I will come with new stone tomorrow. Stay tuned 😉

We might always come across one or other way to compare two arrays of objects and find differences or comparing and removing the duplicates or comparing two arrays of objects and updating the property of the array of objects or creating a new array with unique data after comparing two arrays of objects. Let’s see what are the different ways to compare the objects and perform operations.

  • Compare two arrays of objects, remove duplicates, merge objects based on property
  • Compare two arrays of objects, merge and update values
  • Compare arrays of objects and find unique objects
  • Compare and update property based on matched values
  • Compare two arrays objects and get the differences
  • Compare two arrays of objects merge and remove duplicates
  • lodash
  • Compare objects and find unique values

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8 Methods for Comparing Arrays in JavaScript
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