What is Apifi and Why Should You Care?

Apifi is a Java (8+) annotation processing framework which auto generates  GraphQL APIs for  JPA based data models. It spans the full API stack; from data access to client side consumption. Apifi is centered around one simple goal: To eliminate the need for generic CRUD related boilerplate without compromising on control and customizability.

This means no service beans implementing generic CRUD logic, no manual GraphQL setup, no JpaRepositories, no web controller. All of that’s taken care of. You just focus on what makes your project unique, no boilerplate required.

TLDR;_ Apifi can instantly turn any JPA data model into a GraphQL API, no boilerplate code required._

What We’ll be Doing

In this article we’ll be demonstrating how to rapidly build a simple eCommerce Java GraphQL API using Apifi and Spring Boot. Before we start I’ll just note that Apifi is built on top of  graphql-java,  SPQR, and  Spring Data JPA. You’ll probably be able to understand this guide regardless, but I’d strongly recommend being at least somewhat familiar with these tools in order to understand what’s actually going on under the hood.

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Instantly Deploy Java GraphQL APIs using Apifi - Quick Start
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