If you are a Python Django developer and if you are planning to build or are building a website in Django, you must go through these 15 articles.

  • Starting with Django. How to start building the project structure, where to start from etc. Basically hello world of Django

Hello Word In Django: How To Start With Django

  • Resolving dependencies. Installing Packages. Keeping your installations clean and independent. How to use virtual environment.

Virtual Environment In Python - A Pocket Guide

  • For better speed and lesser load time, how to use AJAX in Django.

How To Use Ajax With Django

  • How to keep bots away from your site. How to avoid DOS attack.

How To Use Google Recaptcha In Django

  • Do you want to communicate with your visitors? How to know how many of them are reading your emails?

Adding Email Subscription Feature In Django Application

How To Track Email Opens Sent From Django App

  • Do you need to perform some operation in your templates for which no built-in template tag is available? do not worry, you can build your own custom template tags.

Creating Custom Template Tags In Django

  • Do your visitors enter the wrong URL frequently? Are there going to be too many 404 - not found errors? How to make better use of such 404 errors?

Displaying custom 404 error (page not found) page in Django 2.0

  • SEO and branding. Bringing your website up in Google searches.

How To Add Favicon To Django Websites

Creating Sitemap Of Dynamic URLs In Your Django Application

Adding Robots.Txt File To Django Application

  • Are you reading to host your website? Looking for best hosting provider? look no further.

How to host Django app on Pythonanywhere for free

  • Once the website is hosted, its time for maintenance. Auto-deploy your website after git push.

Automatically Updating Django Website Hosted On Pythonanywhere Server With Every Git Push

  • Let's keep your data safe and backed up in case of any mishap.

How To Backup Database Periodically On Pythonanywhere Server


Do want to know who is making what changes to your databases?

Using Signals In Django To Log Changes In Models

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15 articles you must read If you are building a website in Python Django
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