In the world of data science, most of the work I do is exploring unknown realms (read: data). The workflow is more or less similar to every project iteration. Data gathering — exploration — process—modeling — test — deploy—monitor — present — repeat. I wonder then, how can I make sure I’m not just repeating the same cycle over and over again? How can I do better?The answer I found is: adapt my habit. How you:

  • view and reframe data science problems,create mutual collaboration, andmaintain effective communication

are habits that are often overlooked. Remember, data science isn’t about building the best model but making positive impacts through data. Your habit affects your respond to each problem.Inspired by Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoplechanged me.It’s still a powerful book to read for me. Data science or not, applying these habits in my workflow boosts up my productivity. I want to share with you, these habits that have put me in a positive frame of mind.So here’s my take on the 7 habits, seen through my lens of data science.

As we go through it, ask yourself, do you need to work on these habits?

1 — Be Proactive

Well, not that kind of active. Instead, take initiative for the greater good.Data science isn’t about doing what stakeholders want. It’s the tool to growth hack and solves business problems. No one understands the data more than you do. An effective data guy should recommend on how data can be utilized! People may not be aware of the power of data.Focus on what value the data can bring!

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The 7 Habits of Data Science
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