Assuming you made you made a smoke detector alarm that triggers an alarm once it detects smoke, you cannot just start selling it directly or install it in your house waiting for the day you house catches fire to find out whether it works. You have to test its functionality. To make it simple, you would make two tests. One, ensure the alarm is not triggered when there is no smoke therefore raising false alarms. Two, ensure the alarm is triggered when there is smoke.

Just like the smoke detector, you cannot deploy a software to production without testing. According to me, undergraduate computer science courses hasten students to learn new programming languages every semester and don’t utilize enough time to teach them about software testing. Big IT companies have seen the need of testing as a major step in software development and emphasize on testing of softwares thoroughly before shipping them out.

In this article, we will emphasize on Test Driven Development(TDD) with Django and Continuous Development — Continuous Integration (CD-CI) with Bitbucket. So hop into the ship in this two part article.

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