Best React dashboard templates in 2020

React aims to be simple and fast and works specifically with the user interface. React can also be used along with other JavaScript environments.

React toolbar templates are often used to quickly and effectively develop React applications.

In this article, we have introduced 5 samples of the best Opensource React toolbar.

1.React Isomorphic

React Isomorphic is highly optimized for your future web applications and is designed to create the best admin panel. This is one of the great, professional and elegant React admin dashboard templates that we’ve paired with you. React Isomorphic helps you get started creating a new one-page application in React - you don’t need to install or configure tools. This administrative template helps you to write applications that work or work in concerts in different environments and are easy to test. Thanks to Redux & Redux Saga, this goal is very likely.

React Isomorphic

Moreover, React Isomorphic is a great tool to build your next site with server-side rendering and static web applications through Next.js. With React Isomorphic, you can create a functional chat application built on top of Firebase FireStore. What’s more, this template uses Algolia Search for a great tool for finding solutions and designing your account to create invoices.

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2. Material Dashboard React

Material Dashboard React is a free Material-UI Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s Material Design.  Material Dashboard React was built over the popular Material-UI framework.

Material Dashboard React

Material Dashboard React comes with 5 color filter choices for both the sidebar and the card headers (blue, green, orange, red and purple) and an option to have a background image on the sidebar.

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3. ReactJS-AdminLTE

ReactJS version of the original AdminLTE dashboard - This project consists of widgets, charts and other components written in ReactJS. Stylesheets are borrowed from the AdminLTE project.

React Dashboard

Stylesheets are borrowed from the AdminLTE project.  If you use React in your app, you might find some of these components useful!

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4. React-dashboard

React Dashboard – isomorphic admin dashboard template built using Bootstrap, Node.js, React.js,GraphQL, React Router, Babel, Webpack and Browsersync.

React Dashboard

You may use it to bootstrap the development of your next web app.

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5. Syncano-dashboard

Syncano Dashboard is a React based web application that lets you easily visualize your data held on Syncano platform.

React Dashboard

Thanks to that, you have a complete overview of you applications, you can edit and test your scripts, manage users, collaborate with multiple admins, and more – all from one place.

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From the above list which is but a tip of the open-source React dashboard iceberg, you can get a feel of how rich, diverse and powerful open-source React React dashboardtemplates are.

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Best React dashboard templates in 2020
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