Logs are an essential part of any system, they give you detailed information about your application, what your system is doing, and what caused the error if something went wrong.

Almost all systems generate logs in one form or another, these logs are written to files on local drives. Debugging the error in a production application through hundreds of log files and on hundreds of servers can be very time consuming and complicated. One approach to this problem is to create a centralized log management system that can collect and aggregate different types of logs in one location.

What is Graylog?

Graylog is a powerful platform that allows for easy log management of both structured and unstructured data along with debugging applications. It is based on Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Scala. Graylog has a main server, which receives data from its clients installed on different servers, and a web interface, which visualizes the data and allows to work with logs aggregated by the main server.

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Spring Boot Centralized Logging with Graylog
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