React Native is a Port of The Original Eloqua Speech Listener PWA to Native Android

Eloqua is a free, open-source app, which offers, in both audio and text formats, great English speeches in history from 30+ public figures, including politicians, entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities, etc., covering a wide range of topics and themes.

React Native is a port of the original Eloqua speech listener PWA(Progressive Web App) to native Android and iOS(planned) versions.

  • Supported Android versions: 5.0+
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  • Stream and play audio of selected speech from a wide and ever-expanding repertoire
  • Scroll through the full transcript of a speech
  • Filter through speeches with either speaker, category, or keyword search
  • Add chosen speeches to playlist
  • Mark favourite speeches
  • Control the player from notification and lock screen
  • Jump around easily with fast forward/rewind or the slider
  • Cache streamed audio for offline play (Android only now)

Planned features

See project Triage for priorities and Kanban for progress.

Building the applications

Required dependencies


Before doing anything else, from the root of the project, run:

npm install

Testing the application

First you need to setup React Native to build projects with native code. For this, follow the instructions on the Get Started tutorial, in the “React Native CLI Quickstart” tab.


npm run android

Normally the bundler should start automatically with the application. If it doesn’t, run npm start.


Developing quality applications takes time, but there are also expenses, such as app store fees, hosting, digital certificates, etc. Your donation will make it possible to keep up the current development standards and bring about new features.


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Known bugs

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Author: ilovepku


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React Native is a Port of The Original Eloqua Speech Listener PWA to Native Android
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