How To Archive All Emails From a Sender On Gmail Account?

Gmail is a wonderful platform that enables you to exchange emails while blocking emails from unnecessary accounts. You can easily archive or block emails on Gmail instantly. Archiving emails enables Gmail users from seeing emails from a sender on their Inbox section, the emails do still exist but are moved to the Archive folder instead so you can access them when necessary.

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Follow the steps below if you have to archive all emails from a sender on a Gmail account.

Steps to archive all emails from a sender on a Gmail account

. Sign in to your Gmail account and head to the email received by the sender you want to move the emails spam folder.
. Click on the DROP DOWN ARROW icon from the top panel where the sender's name is listed.
. Now, copy the email of the sender from the expanded menu.
. Once copied, click on the COG icon from the upper right to open settings.
. Choose the SEE ALL SETTINGS button from the top of the drop-down panel.
. This will open the settings page for Gmail, head to the top menu panel.
. Here, select the FILTERS AND BLOCKED ADDRESSES tab from the top.
. Click on the CREATE A NEW FILTER blue link from the bottom.
. Now, head to the FROM section on top and paste the email address there.
. Click on the CREATE A FILTER blue box from the bottom.
. Head down to the SKIP THE INBOX (ARCHIVE IT) option and check-mark the box beside it.
. Now, click on the CREATE FILTER blue button from the bottom to save the changes.
. All the emails sent from selected email account will now automatically be archived.
.  You can revert the changes by following the steps above and then un-checking the box with Archive it.

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