Java Queue is a data structure we can insert an element at that end of a queue and remove it from at the beginning of the queue. It follows the FIFO (First In First Out) principle.

We go to ATM for withdrawing cash, and there we use this Queue concept (if there are a crowd). We have to maintain a line which is nothing but a Queue. Who is standing at the first of the queue, gets the first service and who stands at the last of the queue, gets the last service.

Java Queue Interface Tutorial With Example

Java Queue Interface Example

The Queue  interface is available in java.util package and extends a Collection interface. Queue collection is used to hold the items about to be processed and provides various operations like insertion, removal, etc.

The queue is an ordered list of objects with its use limited to insert elements at the end of the list and remove items from the start of the list.

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Java Queue Interface Example | Queue Interface in Java
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