Golang is a terminology that is gaining utmost popularity in this pandemic era. If you split this term, the result you will get is Go+Lang. The meaning, in simple terms, is that Go indicates Google here while Lang indicates Language. Thus, in short, Golang is Google Language having syntax same as that of C. If we go as per the statistics, Golang was announced in 2009 , November, and its 1.0  version came into the market in 2012 . Then, as time has progressed, there were modifications made in it regarding its draft designs, architectures [32 and 64 bit] , and accuracy in generating the code-routines.

And now in this COVID age, the future of Golang isn’t only bright but powerful too. Here, you might be thinking, “Why is this language discussed a lot though there are Python, Ruby on Rails, Core and Advanced Java, and C/C++?” Asking this type of question won’t make you look stupid. Instead, this will be preparing the minds of individuals to say_, “Yes, this is worth learning” _and prompt you to apply it in your ongoing projects. Let’s discuss some reasons that why you should be learning this language:

1. Golang is Attracting Remarkable Job Opportunities

2. Golang Can Make You a Well-Paid Freelancer

3. Golang is Strengthening the Foundations of Google Cloud

4. Golang Syntax is Simple and Not Impose Complex Structures

5. Golang Supports Multi/Multiple Core Usage

6. Golang Can Potentially Showcase Concurrency

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Is It Worth Learning Golang?
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