In this video, will be showing you a FREE data resource (tons of FREE data) that will allow you to practice and hone your data science skills particularly data wrangling (data pre-processing, data preparation, etc.), data visualization and model building.

This data resource is called the TidyTuesday which is a weekly social data project borne out of the R for Data Science (R4DS) book and the R4DS Online Learning Community. Every week a new dataset is released on TidyTuesday that aspiring data scientists can leverage to practice and hone their data science skills.

Although the data resource is provided by the R community, the dataset could readily be used in any programming language. This data resource can definitely be used in a Python data science environment. For example, the Coffee Ratings dataset can be accessed directly from the following URL:

whereby the above URL can be found under the heading “Get the data here” from the main page of the Coffee Ratings data:


Tons of FREE Data for Data Science (TidyTuesday)
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