What is Gold Coin Reserve (GCR) | What is GCR token

The GCR Blockchain is a blockchain ecosystem for an entirely self-sustained decentralised financial infrastructure. The ecosystem is sustained / regulated by the digital asset (GCR) holders, through a specially designed digital wallet, which rewards those who own GCR with additionally mined GCR tokens into their wallets, for validating the ongoing transactions on this blockchain. The GCR digital asset itself is a stable coin, pinned to the price of gold.

The Gold Coin Reserve blockchain serves as the stepping stone to a currency, accepted by participating businesses in exchange for goods and/or services However, the underlying infrastructure can be used as backbone of a larger regulatory compliant infrastructure integrated into internal banking systems as a reconciliation mechanism, whilst still being used as a transactional instrument for the public to use for daily purchases.


Gold Coin Reserve by eMoney Bank is a gold backed digital asset that is tethered to the price of gold. The asset sits at the core of a blockchain infrastructure that is utilised by the central banks of the world, with unlimited scalability and economic integration.


The GCR ecosystem is produced and operated by the only team in the world that has been trusted to develop the blockchain protocols for numerous central banks, with their work being certified by the European Central Bank Eurosystem. Now we are bringing a new version of this system to the international public.

The GCR Digital Asset

Gold Coin Reserve is a blockchain-enabled digital system which operates similarly to Ethereum. However, there are 4 major distinctive features that, collectively, are unique to GCR.

Stable-Coin Function

A stable-coin function, which limits volatility to the ongoing fluctuations of the international spot gold price, by implementing constant market making services across all trading platforms (in addition to an actual commodity unpinning of the digital asset)

Unique use of blockchain’s mining function

This creates the self sustaining distributed ledger, thus removing the need for intermediaries in validating transactions. Where proof-of-work systems, such as Bitcoin, reward computational strength of arbitrary external miners (essentially an equation where computational strength and electricity are the main variables), Gold Coin Reserve rewards GCR holders for staking their coins and contributing to the network by validating transactions and providing another point of decentralisation.

10% Miner’s Rate of Return

The mining capacity for GCR coin holders who participate in the network is directly proportionate to the number of coins that are held and the maturity of those coins. A miner’s rate of return is up to 10% p.a compounded, depending on a variety of factors including node stability, network conditions, etc.

Contributing to business development of tokens

Digital assets that are built on this network will have to utilise the core GCR digital asset as gas for transactions, thus driving utility demand for the core blockchain GCR. However unlike Ethereum, the GCR network also provides business development services to the onboarding tokens, such as priority discounted listings on prominent digital asset exchanges.


Hybrid Chain

Designed for interoperability, users can preserve a permission ecosystem in a private chain and communicate freely with the public chain. It gives greater control over transaction fees, custody of sensitive data, and compatibility with existing company networks.

Enterprise Grade Security

Robust, built-in, and tested security features help reduce risks, i.e., from bespoke solutions. A plug-in framework makes it more resilient to human error and network attacks.

Account & Token Restrictions

Tokens and other assets can easily be restricted from any account that meets determined criteria. It lets you easily create regulatory-compliant assets (such as financial products), IDs, and non-transferable votes.


The network is interoperable to allow support of almost any business requirement. APIs ensure seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and processes and other networks and blockchains (i.e., DDK platform).

Multi-Level Multi-Signature

Users can create multi-level, multi-signature accounts allowing more complex account set-ups. It enables use cases like account recovery, anti-fraud monitoring, and ordered multi-stage transaction approvals.

Aggregate Transactions

The platform can merge multiple transaction Accounts into one by generating a single-use, disposable smart contract. The merging of transactions allows for trustless swaps, paying fees on behalf of a user, escrowed transactions, and many other easily configured business uses.


The original variations of the Gold Coin Reserve (GCR) blockchain ecosystem were created and developed alongside the first decentralised digital assets, which have become the household names and giants of the digital currency movement. Over time, these variations of the system were improved and enhanced, until now when we finally have the most complete and well-rounded of all of these crypto-assets and blockchain ecosystems, courtesy of eMoney Bank and its world renowned developers. This final instalment of this saga is built on the certified central banking level protocols, with an endless scalability of the GCR network.

Since creating a distinctive layer of value for users over the past decade, these major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherereum, Ripple etc. have failed to achieve complete market integration into the traditional financial world. There are ranging opinions as to why this next-level of adoption has not occurred, with many blockchain evangelists resenting the traditional institutions for not adopting what they believe to be near-perfect financial instruments. The fact is that they are far from perfect and fail to deliver real value as currencies (due to their volatile nature) and fail to deliver value as short-term investments (most have nothing tangible underpinning their value) and as long-term stores of value (stable coins such as USDT do not deliver any ongoing rate of return to the holder, making it inferior to existing traditional instruments).

During this same period of time, our predecessor blockchains has been operating as securely and as efficiently as its better known blockchain relatives, with several distinctive inbuilt operational mechanisms that addresses the shortfall of the other systems, whilst maintaining (and even building on) all of the blockchain-enabled upsides.

In their near-decade of operation, our predecessors have successfully being adopted by the community in their capacity as a tradable digital asset. Concurrently, they have received growing levels of regional mainstream adoption, through their acceptance as valid consideration by vendors for various types of goods, services and real estate.

The time has now come to press beyond the limits of market integration, currently being afforded to blockchain-enabled systems. The wider macro-economic environment is currently such, that it establishes a strong public sentiment of demand for the innovative capabilities that GCR facilitates. The effects of these macro-economic factors are likely to only increase the demand for the qualities of GCR, as COVID-19 ends and the unprecedented government fiscal measures to stimulate the economy, become hard felt, with consequences such as rapid inflation. With monetary stimulus already exhausted by the major world economies prior to COVID-19, currency devaluation is certain to occur when central banks are forced to apply measures such as quantitative easing.

The GCR blockchain network is opening up a new era of possibilities in digital asset market integration.

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What is Gold Coin Reserve (GCR) | What is GCR token
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