We'll explore the nuances of Kafka Clusters, Producers, Consumers, Topics, Partitions, Consumer Groups, Offsets, and demystify Serialization.

As part of our comprehensive demonstration, we'll construct an entire application designed to consume a reactive REST API stream utilizing Spring Boot Reactive and WebFlux. The producer component will dispatch events to a Kafka broker, while a dedicated consumer will process and store this data seamlessly into a DynamoDB database.

Table of content:
00:00 Intro
04:02 What is a message broker
06:13 Kafka overview
09:42 Kafka Cluster
11:06 Kafka Broker
12:14 Kafka Producer
12:54 Kafka Consumer
13:37 Kafka Topic
14:46 Kafka Partitions
17:38 Kafka Partitions Offsets
21:37 Kafka Consumer Groups
23:13 Kafka Installation
25:30 Play & Explore Kafka
33:08 Create a new Spring boot project
34:18 Configure Kafka Producer and Consumer
40:50 Configure Kafka Topic
42:57 Create a Kafka Producer
46:10 Create the REST API
48:40 Send the first message
50:36 Create the Kafka Consumer
54:23 Configure Kafka for JSON Object & Serialisation | Deserialisation
58:04 Create Kafka Json Producer
01:01:37 Adjust the REST API
01:03:48 Configure the truster packages
01:07:08 Adjust the Consumer and test the changes
01:09:58 Real world application - Overview
01:15:04 Create the Producer project
01:16:34 Configure the producer
01:18:29 Configure the WebClient (WebFlux)
01:19:25 Create the Wikimedia Kafka Producer
01:21:11 Create the Wikimedia Stream consumer
01:25:14 Consume and Publish to Kafka Topic
01:30:40 Implement the Kafka Consumer
01:35:06 Test the application
01:35:52 Outro

🧑‍💻 Source code: https://github.com/ali-bouali/apache-kafka-with-spring-boot-reactive 
🌐 Wiki media dashboard: https://esjewett.github.io/wm-eventsource-demo/ 
🔗 Wikimedia Stream API: https://stream.wikimedia.org/v2/stream/recentchange 

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Apache Kafka Tutorial with Spring Boot Reactive & WebFlux
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