Django Webpack boilerplate & Flask Webpack boilerplate

Jump start frontend project bundled by Webpack

Difference between django-webpack-loader

When using django-webpack-loader, you need to create Webpack project on your own, which is not easy for many newbie Django developers.

python-webpack-boilerplate can let you play with modern frontend tech in Django, even you have no idea how to config Webpack.


  • Supports Django and Flask (will support more framework in the future)
  • Automatic multiple entry points
  • Automatic code splitting
  • Hot Module Replacement (HMR) (auto reload web page if you edit JS or SCSS)
  • Easy to config and customize
  • ES6 Support via babel (v7)
  • JavaScript Linting via eslint
  • SCSS Support via sass-loader
  • Autoprefixing of browserspecific CSS rules via postcss and postcss-preset-env
  • Style Linting via stylelint

If you want to import lightweight modern frontend solution to your web app, or you do not like heavy framework such as React, Vue.

Please check my book The Definitive Guide to Hotwire and Django


  1. Setup With Django
  2. Setup With Flask
  3. Frontend Workflow

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License: MIT license

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Django Webpack boilerplate & Flask Webpack boilerplate
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