When you get into a field like data science, a theoretically endless field that’s always developing, always advancing, and always moving, it will be challenging to surely pinpoint a good point where you can say, “for now, I have enough knowledge to start applying for jobs.”

In most technical and science fields, there’s no clear pausing point where you feel like you know “enough.” In those fields, it’s impossible to try and master everything, so when do you know that you’re capable enough to land the job you want?

One of the fun and guaranteed ways you can both put your current knowledge to use while gaining new skills at the same time is by joining data science hackathons or competitions. In tech, hackathons are known to be a great chance to apply your knowledge, meet people with similar interests, help solve some real-life problems, and in most cases, win decent financial prizes.

This year, as a data science learner or practitioner, you have the chance to get involved in some amazing virtual hackathons from the comfort of your home. Finding hackathons or any events is not always an easy task. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by information, keeping track of that amount of information is always challenging.

As always, I love to help you get what you want with minimal effort because you should save your effort to the real hackathon rather than on trying to find one. In this article, we will go through 5 upcoming hackathons that you can sign up for right now.

  • №1: Hack At Home II
  • №2: Hack from Home — Decarbonisation 2021
  • №3: HackOn 2.0
  • №4: COP26 Data Hackathon
  • №5: SigmaHacks 3.0

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5 Data Science Hackathons to Grow and Improve Your Skills
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