Achieving complete protection for the entire customer lifecycle is a challenge in today’s fast-evolving fraud and risk landscape, but it’s essential that businesses have these capabilities. Digital fraudsters have access to an unending stream of illicit data they can use for a wide range of advanced attack tactics, and they’re additionally harnessing the power of AI and automation to mount bot-powered attacks of unprecedented speed and scale. Given how rapidly businesses are migrating essential services online, and the extent to which more and more transactional activity is taking place on mobile, a vastly expanded attack surface area is emerging that demands a new approach to fraud detection.

DataVisor’s advanced fraud and risk management platform, and the products that comprise it, was built to make the goal of complete protection for the entire customer lifecycle a reality — today.

I write in detail about these products — and how they serve to advance the goal of complete protection — in a new blog post titled “How to Choose a Fraud and Risk Management Platform That Delivers Complete Protection for the Entire Customer Lifecycle.”

In my article, I cover the following products:




Feature Platform

Advanced Rules Engine

I also address case management and our machine learning engine. I discuss each of the products independently, and also detail how they seamlessly integrate to offer a comprehensive fraud solution. As I note in my conclusion:

“Complete protection for the entire customer lifecycle is about ensuring exemplary experiences for good users of a platform, while simultaneously blocking bad actors from infiltrating and infecting that platform.”

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Focus On Growing Your Good Customer Base While Keeping Bad Actors Out
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