Sakshi has recently cracked Paypal Interview for a Software Engineer role. Today I’ve invited her on my channel to share her Paypal Interview Experience, Questions asked in the Interview Rounds, and the whole process and strategies that helped her get the Paypal Job Offer.

Sakshi got her first job as a fresher at a Service-Based company. Just after 2 years, she worked hard to crack the interview in her dream company Paypal. ✌🏽

Today she is with me to share her journey of becoming a Software Engineer and shaping her career so well in a short time span. We discussed the Paypal Interview Process and everything you need to know before your interview. So watch the video fully, there are lots of surprises too. 😉

  • 00:00 - Welcome Sakshi Anand, Software Engineer II at Paypal, Bangalore
  • 01:05 - The journey of pursuing Computer Science Engineering
  • 01:52 - Campus Placements for Sakshi to get the First Job as a fresher
  • 02:57 - Experience working in a Service-Based Company
  • 04:35 - The journey of moving from Wipro to Paypal as a SDE 2
  • 06:05 - Preparation Strategy to crack Paypal Interview
  • 08:20 - Resume Projects and their impact on Software Engineer Interviews
  • 11:30 - Role of Competitive Programming in Interviews
  • 13:41 - How to study for interviews along with Job and Office Work
  • 15:44 - Rapid Fire Quick Fun Session with Sakshi 😅
  • 17:29 - Paypal Interview Process and how you got there
  • 18:05 - Interview Rounds for Paypal Software Engineer 2 Off-Campus
  • 18:21 - Paypal Interview Questions for SDE2 role
  • 18:48 - Important Javascript topics for Paypal Interview
  • 21:30 - Summary of all the Interview Rounds
  • 22:43 - How to negotiate Salary while getting a Job Offer
  • 25:45 - Paypal Salary Structure along with Other Perks & Benefits
  • 27:25 - Virtual onboarding Experience during COVID
  • 29:13 - Impact of COVID on Interviews
  • 30:49 - Impact of COVID on Software Engineering Jobs
  • 33:37 - Thank you, Like Share and Subscribe

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Paypal Interview Experience 🔥 ft. Sakshi Anand
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