There is a myth that the easiest thing about web development is building a web-page layout. Based on this, some developers decide not to waste time on learning a competent approach to layout. And it’s in vain. There are many ambiguous moments in the layout, which are worth paying attention to.

In this article, you will learn how good layout affects the quality of web applications, its promotion in search queries, and conversion. We will consider the following topical issues: semantic layout, accessibility, images on the web, and so on.

Let’s start with a partial list of how a valid and semantic layout can improve any project:

  1. Users make their first impression by the appearance of a website — the design and layout. If a page has a bad layout or is loaded too long — it is unlikely that this first impression will be positive. This is important because the first impression affects how long the users will stay on the page, whether they will perform targeted actions and pay for the product.
  2. Website SEO. On which position pages will take in SERP affects many factors: semantics, accessibility, optimization. A layout is a basis for improving SEO.
  3. It is important to optimize the speed of a page loading. Users are less and less willing to wait for websites to load. And also the speed of loading affects the ranking of pages in SERP.

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How To Create a Good Markup
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