Let's Build Flappy Bird Game in Flutter & Flame - Complete Tutorial

Flutter and Flame unite for gaming magic! Learn to build the iconic Flappy Bird game, exploring dynamic app development with Flutter and Flame. 🔥 Dive into the world of game development with Flutter and Flame!

Join us on an epic journey as we unravel the secrets behind creating the iconic Flappy Bird game from scratch. 
🕹️ In this step-by-step tutorial, discover how to harness the power of Flutter and Flame to craft your very own addictive gaming experience.

Want to explore the source code or grab the assets used in this tutorial? You can find the assets and source code used in this tutorial in the following repository.
Link:  https://github.com/HeyFlutter-Public/flappy_bird_game.git 

0:00 Intro 
0:21 Project Setup 
1:54 Game Design 
5:28 Adding Player 
8:04 Adding Obstacles
12:11 Game Loop 
15:36 Player Movements 
18:14 Collisions
20:31 Overlays
26:35 Scoring
29:10 Sound Effects
31:22 Outro

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Build Flappy Bird Game with Flutter and Flame
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