I like statistics. I like numbers and graphs. So when I started writing some articles and publishing them on Medium, I thought it would be good to have some of those statistics.

I don’t like Excel. It’s a great tool, I believe one of the best created, but I don’t particularly appreciate using it. Maybe because I started as a database administrator, I don’t know.

At the same time I started writing, I discover a new tool: JUPYTER.

Jupyter is a web-based IDE for Python and a bunch of other languages. It’s mostly used by data scientists to analyze data and display the result quickly.

You can find much documentation online for Jupyter and their notebook.

We’ll see how to use one to analyze the earning you might get from Medium.

First, we need to define the data we’re going to use.

Let’s start with the painful one, the tax rate.

Tax = 0.7

Then we need to have the stories we are publishing.

class Stories(Enum):
    STORY_1_TITLE = Story("My First Story", 500, 3)
    STORY_2_TITLE = Story("My Second Story", 1000, 5)

The first parameter is the Title, the second is the number of words, and the third is the lecture time.

Finally, we need to input the monthly gain of each story.

gains = [
    Gain(Stories.STORY_1_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.January, 2020, 8.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_1_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.February, 2020, 9.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_1_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.March, 2020, 7.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_2_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.March, 2020, 3.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_1_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.May, 2020, 9.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_2_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.May, 2020, 10.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_1_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.June, 2020, 11.00),
    Gain(Stories.STORY_2_TITLE, Platform.Medium, Month.June, 2020, 7.00)

It’s pretty straightforward. You have the story, the platform, the month, the year, and finally, the amount you gained. The amount is before tax.

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Jupyter + Medium Earning: an Analysis
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