7 Best QuickBooks Add-Ons and Apps You Should Try In 2020

Effective time management in the workplace is essential for businesses to maintain low operating costs, productive operational performance, and client transparency.
As a result, many firms have realized the advantages of employee time tracking.
One of the most reliable ways to select the correct time tracking app is to see for features rather than tools.
It would help if you did an analysis about the features which is suitable for your business, and based on this; you can choose an efficient time tracking app.
Among the features, the integration capacity is the prominent factor for time tracking software.
The integration allows time tracking software to operate with other software programs that your organization may use effectively to track multiple tasks.

What is Time tracking software?

Employers and managers use time tracking software to track their employees’ jobs for payroll, billing, and operations.
In other words, it is a tool that helps to simplify invoices and payrolls by displaying the time spent on specific tasks.
In general, time management software will assist you in being more effective, coordinated, and profitable. It is a tool that will help in saving valuable time and money.

The Benefits of Using Time Tracking Tools are:

Almost all time-tracking software allows you to monitor in real-time, and many of them come with a variety of features that appeal to different styles and sizes of businesses.
However, time-tracking software benefits for the following purposes:

• Keep workers on track
• Repair estimates and quotes
• Detailed and accurate billing of the work done
• Keep track of entrepreneurs
• Discipline and motivation
• Prioritize tasks or projects
• Review team performance
• Recognize overworking employees

So here are some of the integration tools for productive time management in an organization to improve the process

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is excellent accounting software for small and medium businesses that helps with sales management by keeping track of all transactions.
Its features include customer invoicing, bill payment, report generation, and tax filing.
All you need to stay fully accountable and efficient is to use accurate time tracking software integrated with QuickBooks from the list below.


The integration of QuickBooks time tracking with TMetric is excellent news for everyone.
Using TMetric in QuickBooks helps you to streamline financial processes in a fraction of minutes.
You get the automated tracking on work time and activity, which turns into quick invoicing once the data synchronizes. Measuring with accuracy and maintaining timesheets are two basic essential for payrolls.
TMetric’s QuickBooks integration makes it an excellent tool for quickly approving timesheets and processing payroll for employees.

TSheets that allows you to get prompt, hassle-free access to the platform.TSheets has a free plan, including the usage of the primary features.
The time and project tracking benefits are available on all the plans. TSheets runs over any device and gives for proper work time tracking.

Xero Integration

Xero is leading online accounting software designed perfectly for small businesses.
Through Xero, you can login from anywhere at any time on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to take a real-time picture of your cash flow.
It is a small business accounting software that is easy and quick. Xero makes your online invoicing faster and sends the invoices to your customers.

Some of the time tracking software integrates with Xero are:

**Everhour **

Your project and accounting teams will be on the same page with Everhour and Xero integration.
They can keep track of time, monitor project progress with ease and accuracy, and quickly incorporate billable time details into your Xero environment.
Instead of switching between Everhour and Xero tabs to fill out an invoice, you can perform all of the steps in Everhour; the billable hours will copy to Xero automatically.

WorkflowMax has an intact integration with Xero.
You can drive sales invoices to Xero. WorkflowMax automatically sends sales invoices to Xero when you create them.

Google Calendar Integration

Scheduling tools are fundamental for any business. Hour tracking apps are necessary too.
They promote efficient performance monitoring and help in productivity review.
For this reason, employees choose to integrate Google Calendar – one of the most popular scheduling tools – with convenient time trackers.
When used in integration with an excellent time tracker, Google Calendar makes it simple to schedule work, monitor how much time spend on various activities and keep track of everyday progress.
You can become more effective and collect valuable data by using time tracking for Google Calendar.
If you’re seeing for a solution that reduces disturbances while giving accurate information about productivity, try DueFocus.
It applies machine learning to search your priorities and assists you make more out of your workday.
It is fit for Mac, Windows and Linux. It also combines with many tools for project management, whereas DueFocus’s helpful Chrome extension will let you trace time from a broad range of different apps, including Google Calendar.
TimeDoctor’s first focus is on productivity tracking and development.
It uses complex reports and creates random screenshots for the latest employee liability.
The tool runs with all devices and integrates with all project management tools. And it has a Chrome extension that can install to monitor how much time one spends working with any of the G Suit apps.
The priority for TimeDoctor is productivity monitoring and improvement.
It uses complex reports and creates random screenshots for the latest employee liability.
The software is compatible with all devices and can integrate with any project management software.
It also comes with a Chrome extension that can monitor how much time spends on any G Suit applications.


These are a few of the software results that can run more effectively when integrated with time tracking software.
You may get more integration tools based on your business requirements, which will work still better while combining with time tracking software.
Apart from analyzing the budgets and billable time of employees, a time-tracking tool facilitate many tasks to fertilize your business effectively.

7 Best QuickBooks Add-Ons and Apps You Should Try In 2020
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