Data is the new oil. We rely on it not only to make decisions but to operate as a business in general. Data loss can lead to significant financial consequences and a damaged reputation. In this article, you can find ten actionable methods to protect your most valuable resources.

As Werner Vogels says: “Everything fails all the time.”

1. Backup, backup, backup

2. Test your recovery scenario

3. Document processes that rely on that data(base)

4. Apply the least-privilege security principle

5. Name your production database as such

6. Don’t trust any manually configured resources

7. Don’t allow a single person to manage the entire infrastructure

8. Educate your employees about any resource before giving them access to it

9. Use serverless & monitor your resources

10. Separate your storage from compute if possible

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10 Ways to Reduce Data Loss and Potential Downtime Of Your Database
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