The worm returned in recent attacks against web applications, IP cameras and routers.

The Gitpaste-12 worm has returned in new attacks targeting web applications, IP cameras and routers, this time with an expanded set of exploits for initially compromising devices.

First discovered in a round of late-October attacks that targeted Linux-based servers and internet-of-things (IoT) devices, the botnet utilizes GitHub and Pastebin for housing malicious component code, has at least 12 different attack modules and includes a cryptominer that targets the Monero cryptocurrency.

Now, researchers have uncovered a new slew of attacks by the malware, starting on Nov. 10, which used a different GitHub repository to target web applications, IP cameras, routers and more. The campaign was shut down on Oct. 27 after the GitHub repository hosting the worm’s payloads was removed.

“The wave of attacks used payloads from yet another GitHub repository, which contained a Linux cryptominer (‘ls’), a list of passwords for brute-force attempts (‘pass’) and a statically linked Python 3.9 interpreter of unknown provenance,” said researchers with Juniper Threat Labs in  a Tuesday analysis.

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Gitpaste-12 Worm Widens Set of Exploits in New Attacks
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