Velero is a backup and restore tool for Kubernetes, the most widely adopted and used container orchestrator. Kubernetes has evolved as a saviour for the developers who have embraced the world of containers which has shortened their sprints and made life easier. Build deployments has shrunk from few weeks to days and hours from a CI/CD pipeline to a production ready Pod (that’s the smallest unit/object in K8s which constitutes a container/s).

IT systems on other hand have adopted Kubernetes with the same tenor and zing as developers have, but along came the hassles of managing it and running it for daily operations. K8s have brought in new challenges in managing Infrastructure by abstracting out the network , compute and storage. All those resources have become an object in a JSON file and stored in a stateful etcd database. Kubernetes is now a PaaS in all major public cloud for workload deployment and its driving the concept of Cloud Native applications home.

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Velero backup/restore for K8s Stateful Applications managed by Operators
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