In this video i will be showing you some nice extensions that you can incorporate in Visual Studio Code to boost your productivity and make Vs code a little bit better.

So what are we going to cover today:

  • -Some aesthetic extensions
  • Some C# extensions
  • Some Miscellaneous extensions
  • Extra bits

Timestamps below to guide you through the video:
00:00 Intro
0:15 What are we going to cover
0:43 Themes and Icons
6:35 C# Extensions
12:08 Miscellaneous Extensions
15:21 Extra Bits

Computer and Tech stuff:

Apple MacBook Pro:

Apple Magic Keyboard:

Apple Magic Trackpad 2:

Razor Microphone:

Samsung T7 SSD:

Dell P2419HC USB-C 24 Inch Full HD:

BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand:

#csharp #vscode #customisation #visualstudiocode

#visualstudiocode #customisation #vscode #csharp

Visual Studio Code Extensions for .Net development
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