One of the reasons data analysts create data visualizations is to find unexpected and unusual scenarios. The easier it is to get some more detailed information directly within the viz, the better off we all are. Tableau has helped fill that need with their feature, Explain Data. Said to be driven by ‘AI,’ additional insights are provided when Explain Data is requested.

Using a workbook I created for an earlier article, I can further investigate my candy sales data. This is a straightforward example based on very simple data for ease of replication.

First thing first

Correlation does NOT mean Causation

How to activate Explain Data

Within the Tableau Public desktop application, I can click on a data point. For available data points, you will see a small lightbulb. Click that lightbulb.

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This creates a pop-up with some more analysis on that data point. If you click on the marked icon (circled in yellow below), the chart is added to the workbook as a new sheet.

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Tableau’s AI-enabled Explain Data feature
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