Promise.withResolvers: Shim for ES Proposal in JavaScript

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ES proposal spec-compliant shim for Promise.withResolvers. Invoke its "shim" method to shim Promise.withResolvers if it is unavailable or noncompliant. Note: a global Promise must already exist: the es6-shim is recommended.

This package implements the es-shim API interface. It works in an ES3-supported environment that has Promise available globally, and complies with the spec.

Most common usage:

var assert = require('assert');
var withResolvers = require('promise.withresolvers');

var obj = withResolvers(Promise);
assert.equal(obj.promise instanceof Promise, true);
assert.equal(typeof obj.resolve, 'function');
assert.equal(typeof obj.reject, 'function');

withResolvers.shim(); // will be a no-op if not needed

var obj2 = Promise.withResolvers();

assert.equal(obj2.promise instanceof Promise, true);
assert.equal(typeof obj2.resolve, 'function');
assert.equal(typeof obj2.reject, 'function');


Simply clone the repo, npm install, and run npm test

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Author: es-shims
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License: MIT license

#javascript #promises 

Promise.withResolvers: Shim for ES Proposal in JavaScript
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