Java Library Management System Project Tutorial Step by Step Using NetBeans and MySQL Database - Part 11

------------------------------------ Project Description ------------------------------------

In this java tutorials we will see how to create a library system (or lms for short) in java programming language and mysql database.
This java project will allow you to manage books, authors, members and more, with multiple forms for the login, Dashboard, Books Genre, Manage Authors, Manage Members, Manage Books, Circulation, Manage Users and much more

What We Will Use To Build This Project ? :

  • Java Programming Language.
  • NetBeans Editor.
  • MySQL Database.
  • PhpMyAdmin.
  • Xampp Server.
  • ( website for free images ).
  • ( to create the book covers )

What We Will Do In This Project ? :

  • create a login form.
  • create a connection between java and mysql.
  • create a the library system dashboard form.
  • create the books genres form.
  • create the manage authors form.
  • create the manage members form.
  • create the manage books form.
  • create the manage circulation form.
  • create the manage users form.

Java Swing Components We Will Use In This Java Project:

  • JFrame
  • JPanel
  • JTextfield.
  • JButton.
  • JLabel.
  • JTable.
  • JCombobox.
  • JDateChooser.
  • JCheckBox.

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Java Library Management System Project In Netbeans With MySQL - [Part 11]
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