Real-time monitoring is invaluable in today’s market. Everyone is trying to deliver the best user experience, so there is a higher need for capable and reliable cloud services to support the overall performance of your app. Being able to monitor the entire cloud environment in real-time is a huge plus.

As a cloud service provider, Amazon provides its clients with Amazon CloudWatch, an integrated tool for real-time monitoring and metrics tracking. The introduction of CloudWatch Synthetics in November of 2019 brought real-time monitoring to endpoints. Synthetics allow for better monitoring of REST APIs, URLs, and other components.

Another update introduced earlier this year adds an extra layer of real-time monitoring to the equation. Today, you can use ServiceLens⁠—a new tool introduced in the latest update of CloudWatch⁠—to monitor services and applications directly. How do these two features work together in delivering a positive user experience?

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Using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics and Service Lens
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