Python is one of the most popular and progressing programming languages. Based on TIOBE, a software quality company stated that Python is an aggressive programming language. In 2020, Python is on top 2, replacing Java. But, number one is still C. It was an impressive achievement for Python in the last 20 years.

Why is Python unstoppable? First, Python is working well for machine learning and deep learning. We can realize it from Google developing simple machine learning or deep learning for people via Google Colaboratory (hereafter: Google Colab). People can run their machine learning or deep learning code in the machine provided by Google Colab. Google Colab holds Jupyter Project to build the Jupyter Notebook environment in Google Colab. If you are interested in running your machine learning or deep learning code in Google Colab, you can visit this link.

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Python Will be Dead in 2021?
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