I am an ML developer and knows very little about web-development, I needed to showcase my skills to the world so I recently made a portfolio for myself in just 2 days. Have a look at it.

Do you liked it? Well, you could also make a pretty interactive and beautiful looking portfolio for yourself in a very little amount of time. In this tutorial we would be focusing on learning how to get a starter-template from _Gatsby _to build a _portfolio _and hosting it on GitHub Pages so that you can share it with anyone and anywhere easily.

Portfolio is like a GPU to the system. It boosts your presentation skills and showcase your work to everyone so you don’t need to describe about it very much. Addition of sections to the _portfolio _is completely upto you. The possible sections to add could be — Summary of yourself, Projects, Writing work, Certifications, Work Experience, Open Source Contributions, Education and Contact information. However one can also add other sections if he/she finds that appropriate for the portfolio. I would recommend to take some time to make a structure of which sections to add, where to add etc. and then start building it. I would also add a link to the _portfolio templates _that Ifound interesting at last.

We would be having following parts in this tutorial—

Building a Gatsby Site

Hosting site to GitHub Pages


Building a Gatsby Site

First let us know about what Gatsby is. From the official documentation —

Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps

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Building and hosting Portfolio with Gatsby and GitHub Pages
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