10+ Best React Cards Component Libraries

1. React Subscribe Card

Pre-styled card form to subscribe emails to a newsletter and other lists (for Mailchimp + TinyLetter).

Subscribe Card

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2. React Interactive Paycard

Inspired from a vue project vue-interactive-paycard, I decided to recreate the same on React as a part time fun project. I did some minor changes on the animations and optimizations on the code.

Interactive Paycard

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3. React Payment Inputs

A zero-dependency React Hook & Container to help with payment card input fields.

Payment Inputs

Demo: https://medipass.github.io/react-payment-inputs/

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4. React Health Card

An awesome health card component.

Health Card

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5. React Payment Card Component

A modern credit card component for React. This React component will help you building your checkout on your e-commerce.

Payment Card Component

Demo: https://pagarme.github.io/react-payment-card-component

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6. Swipable React Tinder Cards

A re-imagined Tinder card swiping experience, complete with cheeky bios… Built with React, and ‘react-spring’ and 'react-gesture libraries.

7. React Flippy

React-Flippy allows you to create flipping cards in React projects. It can be used as controlled or uncontrolled component.


Demo: http://flippy.sbaydin.com/

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8. React Credit Cards

A modern credit card component for React.

Credit Cards

Demo: https://amarofashion.github.io/react-credit-cards/

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9. React Flipping Card with Tutorial

Pen for Learn How to Create Quick and Simple React Flipping Card tutorial.

10. Article Cards

Article Cards with React 0.2.0

11.Simple React Card

a Nice Simple React Card by Jamie Halvorson.

12.Twitter Card using Spectre.css and ReactJS

Create a Twitter Card by using Spectre.css, a modern CSS framework, and React JS.
Twitter Card using Spectre.css and ReactJS

13.Card Grid with React JS

Messing around with React in CodePen

14. Simple flash cards with React.js and Immutable.js

React Flash Cards BY Matthew Greenberg.

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10+ Best React Cards Component Libraries
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