SvelteUI: The Complete Svelte UI Component Library


SvelteUI is an all inclusive Svelte library - Components, Actions, Utilities, Animations 

What more could you ask for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

About The Project

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  • SvelteKit and SSR Compatible
  • TypeScript and type definitions are supported, but optional
  • All components are accessible according to WAI-ARIA standards
  • Dark theme included, as well as a custom theming api
  • Minimal third-party dependency usage
  • Easy setup - Zero Configuration


@svelteui/core - core components library with 40+ components

@svelteui/composables - collection of 20+ useful actions and utilities

@svelteui/dates - calendars, date and time pickers based on SvelteUI components

@svelteui/preprocessors - Svelte preprocessor library to assist in many areas of development

@svelteui/motion - collection of transitions to utilize on dom elements

@svelteui/prism - code highlight component built with prism action

Getting help

I want to build a friendly community that is happy to help those who need it. Help build one up by joining the discord |:

Roadmap & TO-DO's

Here is where you can find the Roadmap for SvelteUI up to version 1.0

We would love to hear from you in issues, discussions, and discord to improve the roadmap. As we proceed along our roadmap, we continue to learn. As a result, some of the listed topics may no longer be relevant to us, therefore as the project develops, we might add or remove topics. We will pay close attention to your suggestions and if necessary, modify our plans.

We use certain "Marks" to give you quick indications of the current state of any item in the roadmap. The colorful icons can be displayed by typing :COLOR_circle:

Annotation legend:

!low level of priority
!!medium level of priority
!!!high level of priority
🔴no work has been started
🟡actively being worked on or going to start working
🟢work has been completed

There are different categories on the roadmap. Items for versions 0.8–1.0 and potential future plans are included in each category. To make things quick and simple to view, the items are listed in a table.

Roadmap is currently a WIP


🔴!Move Stitches to peer-deps (svelteui-core)
🟢!!Upgrade to latest SvelteKit version (leverage Vite 3.0.0)
🟢!!Migrate package manager from npm to yarn
🟡!!Migrate dev environment to Storybook for all packages
🔴!!Add peerdeps fix to prepare:release script
🔴!!Figure out how to get cjs,esm,umd distributions in release processes
🔴!!!Figure out how to add minification to the release processes

Version 1.0.0:



  • [ ]
🟡!!!Migration to SvelteKit

Version 1.0.0:



Component creation, deletion, and modification should always be discussed with a maintainer before taking any action (Discord, Issues, and Discussions)!

🔴!Create Section component
🔴!Create ScrollArea component
🔴!Create Accordion component
🔴!Create ARIA component
🔴!Create Slider component
🔴!Create SegmentedControl component
🟢!Create Chip component
🔴!Create Select component
🟢!!!Find an effective solution to SSR in SSR mode (#172)
🟢!!!Find an effective solution to SSR in SSG mode (#107)
🔴!!!Fix types for native events

Version 1.0.0:



Composable creation and deletion should always be discussed with a maintainer before taking any action (Discord, Issues, and Discussions)!


Version 1.0.0:



🔴!!Create TimePicker component
🟡!!!Complete Calendar component

Version 1.0.0:



Version 1.0.0:


  •  think of new preprocessors to create


🔴!Add more tokens to style object
🔴!!!Adapt new styling practices

Version 1.0.0:



  •  create new notifications package

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License: MIT license

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SvelteUI: The Complete Svelte UI Component Library
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