Simple datepicker component for Vue 3

Vue 3 Datepicker

This is a basic (at least for now) reimplementation of in Vue 3 and with greatly cleaned up code.

All date manipulation and formatting are done via the amazing date-fns library, so it’s a direct dependency of this picker.


Package is available on NPM:

npm i vue3-datepicker

The component is packaged mainly for use with bundlers, if you require a browser build - post an issue.



Props and attributes

Attribute fallthrough is enabled, so any attribute you apply to the component will be passed down to the input.

All props which accept formatting strings for dates use date-fns formatting function under the hood, so see that function’s documentation for patterns.

Main interaction to date selection is done via v-model with Date as expected type of the value passed.

ID Type Default Description
upperLimit Date Upper limit for available dates for picking
lowerLimit Date Lower limit for available dates for picking
startingView `‘day’ ‘month’ ‘year’`
monthHeadingFormat String LLLL yyyy date-fns-type formatting for a month view heading
weekdayFormat String EE date-fns-type formatting for a line of weekdays on day view
inputFormat String yyyy-MM-dd date-fns-type format in which the string in the input should be both parsed and displayed
locale Locale date-fns/locale/en date-fns locale object. Used in string formatting (see default monthHeadingFormat)
weekStartsOn Number 1 Day on which the week should start. Number from 0 to 6, where 0 is Sunday and 6 is Saturday. Week starts with a Monday (1) by default

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Simple datepicker component for Vue 3
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