How To Install Visual Studio Code On Ubuntu?

Introduction To Visual Studio Code

Developed by Microsoft Inc., the Visual Studio Code is a very powerful and open source code editor application. It’s loaded with various features like debugging support, embedded GIT control, syntax highlighting, and many more options that altogether makes the coding very easy.

So, if you love coding and seeking such an application that can easily help you to do so, then VS Code is for you. Technically, it’s available for cross platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux Versions as well. So, let’s learn how to install the VS Code on Ubuntu desktop environment.

How to install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu?

To begin with VS Code on an Ubuntu OS and its derivatives, we can install the package easily with a number of approaches, which are discussed below:

Approach 1: Installing VS Code using Software Center

If you prefer to install various packages on your Ubuntu machine using its built-in Software Center app, the it’s too the easiest way to install VS Code too. Just launch Ubuntu Software or Software Center on your machine and type “visual studio code” to search for the package.

Click on the preferred package in the search results, and a button labelled “Install” will appear before you. Just click on the button to start installing the app easily.

The installation may take some time depending on your internet speed, however it should be completed in just a few minutes.

Approach 2: Installing VS Code using APT

The another easiest way to install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu is via terminal using apt command. We will actually download the package from official Microsoft APT repositories, and install it on machine.

First of all, update the Ubuntu packages index and install required dependencies:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget

Next is to use wget command to import Micosoft GPG key and enabling VS Code repository by running below commands:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] stable main"

Finally, install the Visual Studio Code package by running the command here:

sudo apt install code

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