Understanding IoT as a Concept

The Internet in itself is a global network of protocol-based (Internet protocol suite: TC/IP) connected devices. IoT redefines these protocols to form a closer network of devices that can easily collect and share data, even without human to human, or human to computer, formal interactions. For instance: When your smartwatch reads your heart rate all the time on its own and provides a detailed analysis of the same on your smartphone to record for medical purposes, it is a well-functioning IoT system.

Similar, technology-enabled smart devices are all around us; they are making deeper roadways amongst our lives and their livability. With a continuous lowering of ‘sensor’ costs and its easy availability for manufacturers coupled with advances in ‘internet connectivity’ and data analysis applications, the graph of this technology has been witnessing a continuous surge both in demand as well as innovation.

Trends That Are Set to Drive IoT in 2021

IoT has effectively reshaped our homes with smart televisions, watches, music, lights, clothes, curtains, and whatnot. With industrial IoT gaining momentum, the development of smart cities is also on the cards, which shall reshape how we look at the world around us.

We herein analyze development trends that we think will shape the outlook of this technology in the coming year:

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Top 12 IoT App Trends to Expect in 2021
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