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This time I want to tell you about something pretty cool we recently introduced in Musement which allows to test your application from a customer’s perspective by using TestCafe.

End-to-end testing in my life:

In all the companies I have worked for, end-to-end testing has always been quite painful and hard to implement especially when dealing with different technological stacks (front-end, back-end, database…). Also because many tools or frameworks claim to be the “best” to help you to solve this problem (have you ever meet the guy below?).

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Luckily there are also very nice tools like Selenium. I used it in the past because it met our needs perfectly and is well-suited for PHP (thanks to the little prince contribution on this by the way). In this case we moved forward in a different way thanks to the know-how of our colleague Giorgio who introduced TestCafe as a web-based functional testing framework.

What’s this and how it works?

About the “what” I will not replace Google… the only thing you have to know is that it’s a Node.js tool for automating end-to-end web testing. In a nutshell you need run node and one or more browsers on which you want to run the tests (note that there are also other solutions where you can run tests on remote browsers see “Specify the browsers” in section 2).

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How to Test Your Application End-to-end
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