These days, mobile apps has become an integral part of our life and hence there is a need for mobile apps to deliver a great experience and good results. Android and ios native apps are popular for its advanced features and exceptional performance. In recent years, interest for progressive web apps has been increasing. It includes the features of native app with accessibility of a website.

Most of the ecommerce websites are not compatible with mobile so users are less likely to download a native app just to make a purchase. Ecommerce companies need a digital store which is like a website and app too. Here comes the need of Progressive web apps in focus. It is like taking a midway approach between mobile applications and mobile websites. But which should you choose? A progressive web app or a native app? To help you in the selection of the best one, here we’ll see pros and cons along with the comparison of PWA vs Native on the basis of various parameters. Before digging into the comparison, let us see PWA and Native apps in detail.

What Is Progressive Web Apps?

A progressive web app is a website which functions similar as a native app. Main difference between progressive web apps and native apps is that Progressive Web application runs in a browser, hence it doesn’t need to download it from an application store. PWAs can store information in the cache on a user device, because of service workers. And hence, it allows users to consistently keep updated, without internet connectivity. PWAs are intended to remove various issues like weak networks, data restriction, lack of connectivity.

Many popular companies like Medium, Flipkart, Starbucks etc use PWA apps. It’s amazing features have made it ideal for businesses that are looking to attain mass visibility at low cost and developmental effort. Some of its amazing features are-

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