Build Enterprise-Grade Apps Faster with Ant Design Pro

An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications as a React boilerplate.

5.0 is out! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Ant Design Pro 5.0.0

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  • :bulb: TypeScript: A language for application-scale JavaScript
  • :scroll: Blocks: Build page with block template
  • :gem: Neat Design: Follow Ant Design specification
  • :triangular_ruler: Common Templates: Typical templates for enterprise applications
  • :rocket: State of The Art Development: Newest development stack of React/umi/dva/antd
  • :iphone: Responsive: Designed for variable screen sizes
  • :art: Theming: Customizable theme with simple config
  • :globe_with_meridians: International: Built-in i18n solution
  • :gear: Best Practices: Solid workflow to make your code healthy
  • :1234: Mock development: Easy to use mock development solution
  • :white_check_mark: UI Test: Fly safely with unit and e2e tests


- Dashboard
  - Analytic
  - Monitor
  - Workspace
- Form
  - Basic Form
  - Step Form
  - Advanced From
- List
  - Standard Table
  - Standard List
  - Card List
  - Search List (Project/Applications/Article)
- Profile
  - Simple Profile
  - Advanced Profile
- Account
  - Account Center
  - Account Settings
- Result
  - Success
  - Failed
- Exception
  - 403
  - 404
  - 500
- User
  - Login
  - Register
  - Register Result


Use bash

We provide pro-cli to quickly initialize scaffolding.

# use npm
npm i @ant-design/pro-cli -g
pro create myapp

select umi version

πŸ‚ Use umi@4 or umi@3 ? (Use arrow keys)
❯ umi@4

If the umi@4 version is selected, full blocks are not yet supported.

If you choose umi@3, you can also choose the pro template. Pro is the basic template, which only provides the basic content of the framework operation. Complete contains all blocks, which is not suitable for secondary development as a basic template.

? πŸš€ Full or a simple scaffold? (Use arrow keys)
❯ simple

Initialized Git repository:

$ git init myapp

Install dependencies:

$ cd myapp && tyarn
// or
$ cd myapp && npm install

Browsers support

Modern browsers.

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Download Details:

Author: ant-design

Official Github: 

License: MIT


Build Enterprise-Grade Apps Faster with Ant Design Pro
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