Many constraints comes to the focus when someone wants to operate IoT devices. IoT OS can provide fixed solutions to those constraints. Hardware and software cannot function properly without an OS. Computer without an OS is just like a car without an engine- in simple words, it will not run. This is true for IoT devices and apps; IoT OS is necessary for them to work as needed. IoT OS allows devices and apps to connect with each other and other systems like cloud platforms and services. IoT OS also manages the processing power and other resources needed to collect, transmit and store data. There are some operating systems that you can use for IoT but they wouldn’t allow you to get the best setup and so IoT focused distros exist. Let us see the list of best operating systems that you can use for your IoT projects.

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Top 10 IoT Operating System For IoT Devices In 2021-

1. Ubuntu Core-
It is a robust version of Linux’s popular distro, Ubuntu, and made specifically for large container deployments and IoT devices. Ubuntu core is built by Canonical to use similar kernel, system software and libraries as ubuntu however on a smaller scale and it is used to power robots, gateways, digital signs etc. Ubuntu core provides users a secure embedded Linux for IoT devices. All of its aspects are verified so as to maintain immutable packages and persistent digital signatures. This is minimal and enterprise-ready.

2. Riot-
It is a free open source IoT operating systems build for IoT devices. Riot was released under an unclonable GNU Lesser General Public License and has a huge development community. By using low power capacity Riot is built upon microkernel architecture with C, C++ language. It supports full multithreading and SSL/TSL libraries. A port of Riot makes it possible to run as Linux or macOS process. It provides content-centric networking and network protocols like TCP, UDP and CoAP. The processor of Riot is 8bit, 16 bit and 32 bit.

3. Contiki-
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Top 10 IoT Operating Systems For IoT Devices In 2021
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