Action Sheets Everywhere: Cross-Platform Choice for React Native

React Native Action Sheet is a cross-platform React Native component that uses the native UIActionSheet on iOS and a pure JS implementation on Android.


Check out the example snack here!


npm install @expo/react-native-action-sheet


yarn add @expo/react-native-action-sheet

A basic ActionSheet Setup

1. Wrap your top-level component with <ActionSheetProvider />

ReactNativeActionSheet uses React context to allow your components to invoke the menu. This means your app needs to be wrapped with the ActionSheetProvider component first.

import { ActionSheetProvider } from '@expo/react-native-action-sheet';

export default function AppContainer() {
  return (
      <App />

2. Call the showActionSheetWithOptions method with a hook or a higher order component.

// Using the provided hook
import { useActionSheet } from '@expo/react-native-action-sheet';

export default Menu() {
  const { showActionSheetWithOptions } = useActionSheet();

  const onPress = () => {
    const options = ['Delete', 'Save', 'Cancel'];
    const destructiveButtonIndex = 0;
    const cancelButtonIndex = 2;

    }, (selectedIndex: number) => {
      switch (selectedIndex) {
        case 1:
          // Save

        case destructiveButtonIndex:
          // Delete

        case cancelButtonIndex:
          // Canceled

  return (
    <Button title="Menu" onPress={onPress}/>

Alternatively, any component can use the higher order component to access the context and pass the showActionSheetWithOptions as a prop.

// Using a Higher Order Component to wrap your component
import { connectActionSheet } from '@expo/react-native-action-sheet';

function Menu({ showActionSheetWithOptions }) {
  /* ... */

export default connectActionSheet(Menu);

Menu component can now access the actionSheet prop as showActionSheetWithOptions.


The goal of this library is to mimic the native iOS and Android ActionSheets as closely as possible.

This library can also be used in the browser with Expo for web.

Universal Props

optionsarray of stringsA list of button titles (required)
cancelButtonIndexnumberIndex of cancel button in options
cancelButtonTintColorstringColor used for the change the text color of the cancel button
destructiveButtonIndexnumber or array of numbersIndices of destructive buttons in options
titlestringTitle to show above the action sheet
messagestringMessage to show below the title
tintColorstringColor used for non-destructive button titles
disabledButtonIndicesarray of numbersIndices of disabled buttons in options

iOS Only Props

anchornumberiPad only option that allows for docking the action sheet to a node. See ShowActionSheetButton.tsx for an example on how to implement this.
userInterfaceStylestringThe interface style used for the action sheet, can be set to light or dark, otherwise the default system style will be used.

Custom Action Sheet Only (Android/Web) Props

The below props allow modification of the Android ActionSheet. They have no effect on the look on iOS as the native iOS Action Sheet does not have options for modifying these options.

iconsarray of required images or iconsShow icons to go along with each option. If image source paths are provided via require, images will be rendered for you. Alternatively, you can provide an array of elements such as vector icons, pre-rendered Images, etc.
tintIconsbooleanIcons by default will be tinted to match the text color. When set to false, the icons will be the color of the source image. This is useful if you want to use multicolor icons. If you provide your own nodes/pre-rendered icons rather than required images in the icons array, you will need to tint them appropriately before providing them in the array of icons; tintColor will not be applied to icons unless they are images from a required source.
textStyleTextStyleApply any text style props to the options. If the tintColor option is provided, it takes precedence over a color text style prop.
titleTextStyleTextStyleApply any text style props to the title if present.
messageTextStyleTextStyleApply any text style props to the message if present.
autoFocusbooleanIf true, this will give the first option screen reader focus automatically when the action sheet becomes visible. On iOS, this is the default behavior of the native action sheet.
showSeparatorsbooleanShow separators between items. On iOS, separators always show so this prop has no effect.
containerStyleViewStyleApply any view style props to the container rather than use the default look (e.g. dark mode).
separatorStyleViewStyleModify the look of the separators rather than use the default look.
useModalbooleanDefaults to false (true if autoFocus is also true) Wraps the ActionSheet with a Modal, in order to show in front of other Modals that were already opened (issue reference).
destructiveColorstringModify color for text of destructive option. Defaults to #d32f2f.

ActionSheetProvider Props

The following props can be set directly on the ActionSheetProvider

useCustomActionSheetbooleaniOS only prop that uses the custom pure JS action sheet (Android/Web version) instead of the native ActionSheetIOS component. Defaults to false.
useNativeDriverbooleanWindows only option that provides the option to disable the native animation driver for React Native Windows projects targeting Windows 10 Version-1809 ; Build-10.0.17763.0 and earlier. useNativeDriver is supported in Version-1903 and later so if your project is targeting that, you don't need to set this prop.
// example of using useCustomActionSheet on iOS
export default function AppContainer() {
  return (
    <ActionSheetProvider useCustomActionSheet={true}>
      <App />


The second parameter of the showActionSheetWithOptions function is a callback for when a button is selected. The callback takes a single argument which will be the zero-based index of the pressed option. You can check the value against your cancelButtonIndex to determine if the action was cancelled or not.

function onButtonPress(selectedIndex: number) {
  // handle it!

Try it out

Try it in Expo Snack:


See the example app.


$ cd example
$ yarn

// build simulator
$ yarn ios
$ yarn android

// web
$ yarn web



$ git clone
$ cd react-native-action-sheet
$ yarn


We use bob.

$ yarn build

Lint & Format

// tsc
$ yarn type-check

// ESLint + Prettier
$ yarn lint

Download Details:

Author: expo

Official Github: 

License: MIT

#typescript #react-native #react 

Action Sheets Everywhere: Cross-Platform Choice for React Native
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