What is Push Notification?

A notification is a small message that may pop up on your computer or phone. It allows the site to re-engage the user who previously allowed the message to be received. Push notifications are made up of two APIs: Notifications API and the Push API, which is only available at Worker Service level.

Below is a full example of push notification functionality in the Angular framework using Firebase Cloud Messaging.

What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?

Firebase Cloud Messaging is a new name for Google Cloud Messaging, which is a (free) cloud-based solution for handling push notifications in browser-based applications and Android and IOS applications. The service allows us to create registration support for users who have agreed to receive notifications very easily and quickly and additionally allows us to create topic groups.

Implementation of Push Notification in Angular.

To receive notifications, you must ask for permission. For this purpose, a subscribe-button component was created.

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How to add push notifications to Angular website
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