Commands for debugging and keeping your repository organized.

As data scientists or developers, we have to deal with version control at one point or another. We might not fully understand all commands or fully memorize them, but we need to know how to use them to produce high-quality code. When programmers talk about Git, often, a set number of commands is used, clone, push, pull, and commit.

Yes, these commands are most popular because they deal with the most common concerns needed when dealing with Git. However, some commands are quite powerful and provide awesome functionality that is not as popular as the standard basic commands.

Git has different command categories — 13 to be precise — each category deals with a specific aspect of version control. For example, init and clone are under the create a project category. Where pull and pull are updating the project category, and commit is used for basic snapshotting.

This article will go through 5 Git commands that I feel don’t get the hype they should—commands for inspecting, debugging, and performing some administrative tasks.

  1. Command №1: git diff
  2. Command №2: git filter-branch
  3. Command №3: git bisect
  4. Command №4: git grep
  5. Command №5: git blame

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5 Git Commands That Don’t Get the Hype They Should
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